Housing in Dublin Ohio – Rent or Buy a home?

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Dublin, Ohio, is headquarters to many large companies that employ a quite a few people. As the work of these companies is highly diversified and they continue to grow, there is a constant need for more professionals in highly paid jobs. These people need housing, and often when they come into town they are looking for a place to live.

Renting first when moving to Dublin

If you plan to move to Dublin, Ohio, then renting is a great way to start. There are many apartment complexes and townhomes that provide desirable amenities that can accommodate you and your family. Many townhomes have basements that are fully finished and act as a separate room for sleeping or play for your kids. These complexes also provide access often to a pool or a gym so you don’t have to go get a membership elsewhere and can save your money. A few places in Dublin specifically that you may want to check out are Camden Place, Hayden Lofts which were newly built in 2016, or Tuttle’s Grove Luxury Apartments if you’re looking for something a little more upscale.

Looking to Buy in Dublin

You should probably avoid luxury apartments or townhomes if you want to save you money and be able to afford the down payment on a new home. Dublin specifically is one of the most expensive places to buy a home in Columbus, Ohio. Most houses are a minimum of $300,000 and many are above $500,000 and up to a few million dollars. Finding the right neighborhood that will fit your price range and be in your preferred Dublin school district is going to be a difficult task. This is why you should work very closely with a real estate agent and be ready to act right away if you find a house that comes up that you are interested in. Most affordable homes do not sit on the market for more than a few weeks at most but often they are sold within a few HOURS! Talk about needing to be a snappy decision maker.

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Down Payments

Saving is important and having the proper down payment for a house has become ever so important since 2008 when lending restrictions tightened significantly. The first step in finding our if you are qualified is to assess your finances and the saving you have acquired in your bank accounts. If you are looking for a home in Dublin at the price ranges stated above, you’re going to need a minimum down payment of $60,000 for a $300,000 house. For a house in the upper range, you’re talking about a few hundred thousand in cash that you will need to invest if you are looking at million dollar homes, which are pretty common in Dublin. Homes near the Scioto River are all in the $600k-$2.5million range but they are one of the few places in Columbus with greenery around the homes where you might actually forget you live in the city.

Home Repairs and Upkeep

One of the biggest challenges with buying a home is making sure you maintain the property and ensure you retain the value of your home. Most properties deteriorate very quickly when left unkempt and go into disrepair. Simple things like making sure water drains away from your home’s foundation, ensuring your driveway is properly sealed, cleaning out your gutters and fixing your roof if there is damage will keep water out of the home. Water damage will be one of the biggest expenses you’ll ever incur in a home so making sure the home is clean and dry is a big factor in maintaining the property.