Fortune 500 Companies In Columbus Ohio

Fortune 500 Companies In Columbus Ohio 2019-01-03T04:58:34+00:00

Columbus Ohio, home of five Fortune 500 companies


Who are the five companies who made the list?

  • Cardinal Health
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • American Electric Power
  • L Brands
  • Big Lots

These are the five companies that made the most recent Fortune 500 list.

Who is the Biggest Company in Columbus?

No one is going to be surprised that Dublin’s Cardinal Health leads the way as they have consistently been one of the largest companies in the state of Ohio and are consistently one of the two largest companies in the state (often competing with Kroger in Cincinnati for that top spot and keeping Proctor & Gamble just a step behind), they are miles ahead of the #2 company in Columbus when it comes to the total amount of income created in a year.

After Cardinal Health, Nationwide consistently comes in second place and will be the only other one that is consistently in the Top 100. These two companies are very well known around the entire Columbus area, and Nationwide has a national marketing campaign that has helped it maintain its status despite an incredibly competitive marketplace.


Rounding out the Columbus List

However, that doesn’t make their own individual accomplishments any less impressive. Considering the hundreds of thousands of businesses in the United States, reaching the top 500 is no small feat and the companies of American Electric Power, L Brands, and Big Lots all deserve plenty of admiration and praise for not only managing to make that list. Big Lots is one that has jumped on and off from year to year for some time now but all of these companies provide steady employment, community investment, and economic activity for the city.

All three of these companies have done great jobs of expanding their operations, their customer base, and being run well to provide the type of income that is necessary in order to make the Fortune 500 list. It’s safe to say that with all these Columbus companies, there will be plenty of employment opportunities for years to come.