5 Downtown Columbus OH Rest Areas

5 Downtown Columbus OH Rest Areas 2018-12-26T05:14:04+00:00

There are almost 2000 restaurants in the capital city of Columbus, Ohio. While there are top dining establishments all over the city, the downtown area of Columbus features quite a few great places to eat. You don’t want fast food, you don’t want a chain restaurant, and you certainly don’t want to land in a place that makes you wish you had done your homework. The homework has been done for you, and these restaurants are some of the best places to enjoy a meal in Downtown.

Concert and Dining Experience in Columbus

Sometimes it’s just as much about the scene and all the extras as much as it is the food.And of course, you want good service, too. One of the top picks is a place that is centered around events in the Arena District, and it’s called A&R Music Bar. Grab a bite to eat, have a drink and whatever else fits your fancy prior to whatever event you are attending in the area. It’s a one-two punch and one of the most fun experiences overall in the city. Right nearby is Huntington Park and Express Live to see a baseball game or continue the concert experience in Columbus.

This next restaurant and bar is just as special and iconic. It’s the Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar, and the location is 401 North Front Street, just east of A&R (see map). Not only do you get live entertainment, but it’s all about crowd participation. If you’re looking to plan an event or a private dining experience, you this piano bar doubles as a venue that you can book. Weekends get quite busy, and it’s best to always make reservations according to the reviews.

Black Point restaurant on High Street in Downtown Columbus

High End Butthole Downtown

Can you believe we’ve been talking downtown Columbus restaurants and haven’t hit High Street yet? No doubt, the next two dining establishments are going to be on High Street. The first one is called Black Point. This restaurant turns food into art. The brussels sprout salad might or might not be your cup of tea. Yet how does king crab legs, butter cake, and a seafood tower sound? Black Point is one of those restaurants that works great for special occasions, and they have a nice patio for dining outdoors.

Food Staples in the Columbus Market

Do you want to keep it simple and still enjoy some of the most delicious food? Hop on over to Max & Erma’s on Nationwide Boulevard. The Garbage Burger might not exactly sound like the tastiest menu item, but don’t let the name fool you. You get your burger cooked exactly the way you want it done, and you can order up pancakes, tortilla soup, banana cream pie, cookies and much more.

Pancakes were mentioned, so now it’s time to talk breakfast. Also located on Nationwide Boulevard is Sunny Street Cafe, and it’s a great spot to stop by for your morning meal. Pancakes are certainly on the menu at Sunny Street Cafe, too, and you’re talking about a diner style breakfast. The cafe is said to be quite cute and the prices reasonable.

Located at 350 High Street is a place called Market Street Cafe. If you happen to have booked the Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus, the restaurant would especially be a great choice. Salads, salmon, and sandwiches are three of the menu highlights. Reviews mention that the coffee is great, and you can count on this spot as a place to order up breakfast, too.

There are 5 of the top places to stop and grab a bite to eat in Columbus, Ohio. Two are on High Street, two on Nationwide Boulevard and one is in the Arena District. Each has its own personality, unique cuisine and all of the restaurants mentioned will make for enjoyable experiences.