Central Ohio Parks & Attractions

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Indian Run Falls in Dublin Ohio


Central Ohio is home to some of the best cities in the Buckeye State. You’re talking about neighborhoods like Westerville, Dublin, Hilliard, Worthington which all reside in some respects to the capital city, Columbus. There are plenty of places of interest for you and your family to explore within this great city. Prepare to discover these top parks and attractions as you make your way around Central Ohio.

When taking a look at Dublin, you’re not going to know whether to hit the giant dancing rabbits first in Ballantrae Park or Indian Run Falls, Leatherlips Monument and the Field of Giant Corn Ears. That’s a lot to take in, isn’t it? Talk about some unique attractions. I’ll allow the initial shortlist to sink in as I show you a place of interest that sounds a little more normal. Let’s take a look at Coffman Park.

Coffman Park off of Emerald Parkway is quite beautiful. This top park in Central Ohio is a wonderful place to spend some time with your family. Take the kids to the playground, enjoy a picnic lunch, spend some time at the recreation center and much more. You will also find a pool there, too.

It’s time to move on out of Dublin and take a look at the next city in Central Ohio. There are three great parks to visit in Worthington, as well as a place called Olentangy River Playgrounds. If you have kids, you might want to actually start there as it has a playground and a skatepark for teenagers. As for the three parks, they are Wilson Hill Park, Selby Park and East Granville Road Park.

The parks in Worthington are listed according to their rankings on a top travel site. Some other places of interest in Worthington include The Old Rectory, Jeffers Mound, The Ohio Railway Museum, Orange Johnson House and The Candle Lab. Each of the attractions mentioned are worth a visit, and you’re going to enjoy your options for parks and being out in nature, too.

Inniswood Metro Gardens

That’s two Central Ohio cities down and three more to go. Let’s take a look at Westerville next. The Hoover Reservior is a unique attraction, a dam that was created to retain the water in Big Walnut Creek. There are many trails, fishing opportunities and plenty of lake to boat on at Hoover. Other parks include Sharon Woods Metro Park, Blendon Woods Metro Park, and Inniswood Metro Garden that has beautiful flowers all year round.



The next city is Hilliard OH. In terms of parks in Hilliard, there is Homestead Metro Park, Heritage Trail Metro Park and Franks Park. One of the most unique attractions in Hilliard is the Early Television Museum. Then there is also Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports.

The last city we’re going to take a look at in Central Ohio is the capital city, Columbus. There are more parks in Columbus than you might have time to visit. Some of the more popular parks include Huntington Park, Whetstone Park, and Schiller Park. There is also a zipline aerial adventures park and much more. Plus, there is beautiful botanical gardens and conservatory at Franklin Park.

Currently, there are 10 choices for room escape games in Columbus that are listed as the top attraction according to a travel site. As for individual places of interest, there is the Wagner-Hagans Auto Museum, Ohio Theater, Scioto Mile, Ohio State University, German Village, Arena District and more. You’re certainly going to want to drive around downtown Columbus, and that will take you to the Arena District for sure.

Don’t forget to stop by the Ohio Expo Center & State Fair, too, if you’re traveling with your family. It will be your kids’ favorite place to stop. That’s your list of top parks and attractions in Central Ohio. You’ve been shown five different cities, including the capital city. It’s safe to say that it’s going to take awhile for you to make it by all the places mentioned, but you can sure give it a try.